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"The Dojo is a place of learning
and sharing the experience of martial art.
Martial as violence and art as control
gives us a way to deal with the myriad
forms of today's violence, not just ignore
or add to it."


- Sensei John Hamilton

Class Schedule

Sho-Ha Shorin Ryu Karate

Mon-Thurs 6pm - 8pm

Wed 8pm - 9:30pm (Advanced Only)

Sat 12pm - 2pm 

Tenshin-Ryu Kenjutsu

Mon 8:30pm-10pm

Tues 8:30pm-10pm (Advanced Only)


The Shorin No Tora Dojo - Sensei John Hamilton
1826 Babcock Blvd      Pittsburgh, PA 15209    (412) 821-8076